2014 Schedule

Phase One: 6–6:45 PM

1. Jess Walter reads We Live in Water 

Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave. (Entrance on Seneca St.)

Jess Walter with Mary Ann Gwinn 

Novelist Jess Walter shares from his story collection, a book that traverses both the West and its emotional interiors. Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times book editor, introduces and leads a Q&A. Bar opens 5:30! 

2. Amuse Bouche

Capitol Cider, 818 E Pike St. (Ballast Bar, downstairs)  [21+]

Kate Lebo, Molly Wizenberg, and Tara Austen Weaver, with Bethany Jean Clement 

Tease your palate with local foodies Molly Wizenberg (Delancey), Kate Lebo (Pie School), and Tara Austen Weaver (The Butcher and the Vegetarian). The Stranger’s restaurant reviewer Bethany Jean Clement hosts. 

3. Oh, Brother

Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave. 

Domingo Martinez, Derek Martinez, Kim Fu, and Aaron Counts, with Jane Hodges 

Domingo Martinez (My Heart Is a Drunken Compass) and his brother Derek tattle. Kim Fu (For Today I Am a Boy) and Aaron Counts (Reclaiming Black Manhood) explore brothers in society. Jane Hodges hosts. 

4. Help Wanted: The Poetry of Work

Sole Repair, 1001 E Pike St. (Entrance on 10th Ave.) 

Elizabeth Austen, Anis Gisele, Tara Hardy, and Martha Kreiner

Washington State Poet Laureate Elizabeth Austen (Every Dress a Decision) hosts Anis Gisele (Seattle SPIT, BENT), Tara Hardy (Bring Down the Chandeliers), and Martha Kreiner (ILK, Hubbub) as they share poetry from a work-themed edition of Floating Bridge Review.

5. Moving Pieces: Poetry on Buses

Vermillion, 1508 11th Ave. 

Roberto Ascalon, Raul Sanchez, Nhan-Kiet Ngo, Amaya Beroiz Elizalde, Sara Brickman, Mary Edwards, and Kyle Ricci

Poets Roberto Ascalon (Rattle) and Raul Sanchez (All Our Brown-Skinned Angels) read and introduce Nhan-Kiet Ngo, Amaya Beroiz Elizalde, Sara Brickman, Mary Edwards, and Kyle Ricci whose work on the theme of Writing Home was chosen for the Poetry on Buses program with 4Culture. Warning: Audience may make poetry! 

6. Weed All About It 

Century Ballroom, 915 E Pine St. (2nd Floor)  [21+]

Bruce Barcott and Roger Roffman, with Dominic Holden 

Get the 411 on legal 420 with authors Bruce Barcott (Weed the People) and Roger Roffman (Marijuana Nation). Hosted by Dominic Holden (The Stranger).

7. Funny Ha Ha 

Rhein Haus (formerly Von Trapp’s), 912 12th Ave. (Upper Mezzanine)  [21+] 

David Schmader, Tina Rowley, and Lauren Ireland, with Mary Purdy

Writers David Schmader (A Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem), Tina Rowley, and Lauren Ireland make you laugh until it hurts—or hurt until you laugh. Hosted by Mary Purdy.

Phase Two: 7–7:45 PM

8. No Place Like Home

Ltd. Art Gallery/Raygun Lounge, 501 E Pine St.

Deb CalettiSam Ligon, and Jennifer Worick  

There’s no place like home—thankfully. Deb Caletti (Secrets of Wedding Ring River), Sam Ligon (Drift and Swerve), and host Jennifer Worick (Things I Want to Punch in the Face) read prose about funky families.

9. Crime and Punishment

Vito’s, 927 9th Ave.  [21+]

Jennifer Murphy, Claudia Rowe, and Urban Waite, with Suzanne Morrison

Jennifer Murphy (I Love You More) and Urban Waite (Sometimes the Wolf) share nail-biter novels, and journalist Claudia Rowe cozies up to a convicted killer. Suzanne “six degrees of Ted Bundy” Morrison hosts. 

10. Eimear McBride at Elliott Bay Book Company

Elliott Bay Book Company, 1521 10th Ave. 

Eimear McBride, with Elliott Bay Book Company staff

Elliott Bay staff welcome Irish author Eimear McBride, who reads from her stylistically inventive and haunting novel, A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing. A short Q&A follows. 

11. Hedgebrook Presents: Past Lives

The Project Room, 1315 E Pine St.

Lisa Halpern, Emily WhiteKate Willette, and Janet Yoder, with Sonora Jha

Hedgebrook alumnae Lisa Halpern, Emily White, Kate Willette, and Janet Yoder read work on ghosts, gods, grief, and native tongues. Hosted by Sonora Jha (Foreign).

12. 7 @ 7

Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave.

Tara Conklin, Jamie Ford, Frances McCue, Donna Miscolta, Kevin O’BrienRebecca Wells, and Jennie Shortridge  

Seattle7Writers share seven minutes apiece from new work. Featuring Tara Conklin (The House Girl), Jamie Ford (Songs of Willow Frost), Frances McCue (The Bled), Donna Miscolta (When the de la Cruz Family Danced), Kevin O’Brien (Tell Me You’re Sorry), Rebecca Wells (The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder), and host Jennie Shortridge (Love Water Memory).

13. Working Stiffs

Pine Box, 1600 Melrose Ave.  [21+]

Litsa Dremousis, Sierra Golden, Jennifer Longo, and Lindy West, with Michelle Goodman

Lindy West (GQ, Jezebel.com), Litsa Dremousis (Altitude Sickness), Jennifer Longo (Six Feet Over It), and Sierra Golden (Ploughshares) tackle work at sea, atop mountains, in cemeteries, and online. Michelle Goodman (Anti 9-to-5 Guide) hosts. 

14. Book-It Repertory Theatre: “Music Stand Reading”

Still Liquor, 1524 Minor Ave.  [21+]

Book-It Actors

Three Book-It actors excerpt the forthcoming stage adaptation of The Dog of the South by Charles Portis, part of Book-It’s 25th season.

Phase Three: 8–8:45 PM

15. They’ve Got Issues

Office Nomads, 1617 Boylston Ave.

Sonora Jha, Janie Elizabeth Miller, and Maged Zaher, with Kshama Sawant

Respect social justice with Janie Elizabeth Miller (Cimarron Review, Poecology), Maged Zaher (If Reality Doesn’t Work Out), Sonora Jha (Foreign), and Seattle City Council member and $15 minimum wage advocate Kshama Sawant

16. Cheap Beer & Prose

Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave.

Elissa Washuta and Jonathan Evison, with Jeanine Walker

Seattle’s sudsiest reading series goes bottoms-up, featuring novelist Jonathan Evison (The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving), memoirist Elissa Washuta (My Body Is a Book of Rules), and $1 PBRs.  

17. Show and Tell

Ada’s Technical Books, 425 15th Ave. E

Kelly Froh, Greg Stump, and G. Willow Wilson, with Rob Salkowitz

Graphic novelist G. Willow Wilson (Cairo) and artists Kelly Froh (Short Run, Slither) and Greg Stump (The Stranger, Comics Journal) share illustrated works. Rob Salkowitz (Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture) hosts.

18. Kundiman Poets

Vermillion, 1508 11th Ave. 

Roberto Ascalon, Oliver de la Paz, Eddie Kim, Michelle Penaloza, and Jane Wong 

This Kundiman Krew—Roberto Ascalon, Oliver de la Paz, Eddie Kim, Michelle Penaloza, and poet and host Jane Wong—read poems about the Asian-American experience. 

19. Babes in Toyland

Babeland, 707 E. Pike St.  [18+]

Andrea Dunlop, Elise Glassman, Kristine Lloyd, and Larry Crist

Andrea Dunlop’s novel explores an overseas love triangle, Elise Glassman (Colorado Review) goes behind closed doors, Kristine Lloyd (Salon.com) overhears her parents doing it, and the poetry of host Larry Crist (Undertow Overtures) goes straight downtown. 

20. Superheroes vs. Fairy Tales 

The Project Room, 1315 E Pine St.

Angela Jane Fountas, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Michael Schmeltzer, and Maya Sonenberg, with Evan J. Peterson

Drawn to Marvel contributors Jeannine Hall Gailey (Becoming the Villainess) and Michael Schmeltzer (Floating Bridge Review) battle fairy tale writers Maya Sonenberg (Learning to Paint) and Angela Jane Fountas (Fairy Tale Review). Hosted by Minor Arcana Press editor-in-chief Evan J. Peterson.

21. APRIL in October

Still Liquor, 1524 Minor Ave.  [21+]

Rebecca Brown, Spike Friedman, and Peter Mountford 

Authors, Publishers and Readers of Independent Literature (APRIL) brings spring to fall with prose writer Rebecca Brown (American Romances), playwright Spike Friedman, and special guest Peter Mountford (The Dismal Science). 

After-party: 9PM +

Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave.

A $5 ticket gets you one pint from Georgetown Brewing Company, music by The Drop Shadows, and Poem Shop by Matthew Rowe. Cash bar. Food sold by Jemil’s Big Easy (6-11 PM), and select books for sale by Elliott Bay Book Company.