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Manhattan: September 14, 2013

Phase 1: 6 – 6:45 pm


1. NPR’s Ask Me Another

Professor Thom’s (21+)

219 2nd Avenue

Host Ophira Eisenberg reads from Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way to Monogamy, followed by naughty trivia from the Ask Me Another game writers.



Thirsty Scholar (21+)

155 2nd Avenue #A

A storytelling series where writers, comedians, and musicians recount their worst jobs, dates, and roommates; anything terrible but laughable.


3. Electric Literature and the Texas Book Festival present Literary Taboo

Solas (21+)

232 East 9th Street

Describe The Great Gatsby without saying: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Egg, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Daisy. It’s a night of unspeakable fun.


4. Revise and Recant

Scratcher Cafe (21+)

209 East 5th Street

Goofs, gaffes, guilt. The National Book Critics Circle makes public apologies for the crimes of its ilk.


5.  Washington Square Review

Dempsey’s Pub (21+)

61 2nd Avenue

Join Washington Square Review to celebrate the work of recent contributors, including Darin Strauss (Half a Life, 2010), Farrah Field (Wolf and Pilot, 2012), and Lynn Melnick (If I Should Say I Have Hope, 2012). 


6. Ghost Stories with Lapham’s Quarterly

Merchant’s House Museum (all ages)

29 East 4th Street

Celebrate the “Death” issue with tales of visitations and spirit-rapping at one of the most haunted buildings in Manhattan.


7. Denizens Rip The Lid Off

Crime Scene Lounge (21+)

310 Bowery

In this instant information age, is privacy even relevant anymore? The Lower East Side Denizens: resolute redeemers of contemporary culture.


Phase 2: 7 – 7:45 pm


8.  Center for Fiction presents Fake It!

Solas (21+)

232 E 9th St #1

Authors are challenged to dream up the best first lines based on book titles. Audience participation welcome!


9. An Evening with Guernica & PEN

Swift Hiberian Lounge (21+)

34 East 4th Street

Readings from Ru Freeman, Cynthia Cruz, Allyson Paty, Catherine Chung, and Danniel Schoonebeek, in support of the Guernica/PEN Flash Series and PEN Poetry Series.


10. New Voices Reading Series: Radical Latinas

King’s Cross (21+)

356 Bowery

Challenging the stereotype of the Latina woman (and families). Hear stories and poems born of a desire for change.


11. Prompt. Write. Share. Rinse. Repeat. Write-In with Gotham Writers’ Workshop.

Dempsey’s Pub (21+)

61 2nd Avenue

Lose your literary anxiety and pick up a pen. Writing prompts will be provided.


12. Hendrick’s Gin: A Genteel Tipple Through Gin in Literature

Von Bar (21+)

3 Bleecker Street

Hendrick’s Brand Ambassador Jim Ryan takes readers on a fascinating journey of fabulous writers’ imbibing exploits.


13. Melville House presents Lore Segal

think coffee (all ages)

1 Bleecker Street

Tea and conversation with the author of Half the Kingdom, a poignant and hilarious novel about life, death, and growing old.


14. Gigantic & VICE:  Other Voices, Other Rooms

Crime Scene Lounge (21+)

310 Bowery

Overhearing and the overheard: commute conversations, sidewalk gossip, distressingly loud sex, just loud enough sex, and otherwise intimate encounters.


15. Bodega Presents: Meet the Authors

Botanica Bar (21+)

47 East Houston

Get your quote, find your author, win free drinks!


Phase 3: 8:15 – 9 pm


16. Hyphen Magazine: Between the Sheets

Three of Cups (21+)

83 1st Avenue

Celebrate the “SEX issue” with Bill Cheng, Patrick Rosal, Kelly Tsai, Ed Lin, Eugenia Leigh, and T Kira Madden.


17. Dirty Laundry: Spirit Wife

Gentle Wash (all ages)

97 Avenue A

Delve into the glitzy tradition of husband-and-wife mentalist teams with Steve Cuiffo and Eleanor Hutchins.


18. Fiction Addiction: Even More Addicted

Arrow Bar (21+)

85 Avenue A

A showcase of talented alums from the monthly reading series. Get your fix of love, literature & libations.


19. Off the Beaten Path

Two Boots Pizzeria (all ages)

42 Avenue A

A history of touring and unique adventures with Moses Gates (Hidden Cities) and The American Guide.


20. LOVE: The Good and The Bad and The Dirty

2A (21+)

25 Avenue A

We Three Productions spins tales about living and loving in the City—from the oh so sweet to the downright rotten.


21. Whales, Wenches & Winches

Preserve 24 (21+)

177 East Houston Street

A salty conversation about literature and the sea with Amy Brill, Elyssa East, Oona Patrick, Elizabeth Bradfield, and Robin Beth Schaer.


22. Motherhood: A Novel Approach

frosch&portmann gallery (all ages)

53 Stanton Street

Amy Shearn, Jennifer Gilmore, and Julia Fierro read from their work and discuss the puzzle of balancing writing with family life.


23. Wine and Words with Victoria Lustbader

Vig Bar (21+)

12 Spring Street

Author Victoria Lustbader discusses literature, the city, and her new novel Approaching the Speed of Light.


24. Beer and Banned Books with Out of Print

Brian Morris Gallery (all ages)

163 Chrystie Street

Come celebrate your favorite banned books over a literary inspired pint! Big brother is thirsty…


25. More Damn Lies

One Mile House Bar (21+)

10 Delancey Street

Liars’ League NYC presents three favorite stories from their murky archives.


26. Words Without Borders: Down and Dirty Round the World.

Lolita Bar (21+)

266 Broome Street

Join our readers on a romp through the erotic, pulpy, hardboiled, and extreme side of world literature.


27. Return of The Savage Detectives

Fontana’s (21+)

105 Eldridge Street

Farrar, Straus and Giroux readings by Laura Van den Berg, David Grand, and Katherine Faw Morris and rock music by FSG’s house band, The Savage Detectives.  


28. InDigest presents Projections & Poetry

Happy Ending (21+)

302 Broome Street

Poetry and art, featuring artwork created for specific poems, stand-alone videopoetry, 35mm silent projections.