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2012 NYC Schedule: Saturday Sept. 15

Phase 1: 6 – 6:45 pm

1. Washington Square Review
Thirsty Scholar (21+)
155 2nd Avenue # A
Join Washington Square Review for a night of exhilarating readings from Matthew Rohrer (Destroyer & Preserver), Dorothea Lasky (Thunderbird, forthcoming from Wave Books), and emerging fiction writer Elizabeth Tingue.

2. Lit Trivia with Soho Press
Solas (21+)
232 E 9th Street
An evening of paragraph partying and trivia, with J.R. Angelella, Paula Bomer, Dan Josefson, Juliann Garey, and Sean Ferrell. Themes include parrots, insanity, unorthodox surgeries, pregnancy, boarding schools and other prison-like situations.

3. The City College MFA Program presents Ernesto Quiñonez & JP Howard
Bar 82 (21+)
136 2nd Avenue
City stories and verse from alumni Ernesto Quiñonez (bestselling author of Bodega Dreams and Chango’s Fire) and JP Howard (Lambda Literary Fellow and founder of the Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon).  Bonus: The event will include a round of NYC literary trivia for prizes.

4. A Tribute to Philip K. Dick: Mischief+Mayhem’s Dick-a-thon
Jimmy’s No. 43 (21+)
43 East 7th St.
Celebrate the ultimate outsider with Gary Indiana, Dale Peck and friends. Rejected by the literary mainstream, Dick was marginal, weird and defiant. In 1982, Ridley Scott based Bladerunner on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and Dick became a major influence on a generation of writers.

5. Wash and Dry Productions presents Dirty Laundry: Loads of Drama/The Clothes Line Plays
Launderette (all ages)
97 2nd Avenue #A
Writers Erin Courtney, Aurorae Khoo, Douglas Light, Rosemary Moore and Lizzie Olesker will present short monologues and plays inspired by an article of clothing. The readings will take place in a working laundromat, so bring your grimy duds, we provide the words and the suds!  Emily Rubin, hosts.  

6. National Book Critics Circle
Scratcher Bar (21+)
209 East 5th Street
Goofs, gaffes, guilt. The National Book Critics Circle makes public apologies for the crimes of its ilk. Jeff Wright, Jerry Portwood, Carlo McCormick, David Cohen, Sam Sacks, Lucas Wittmann, Susan Shapiro, David Haglund, Ellen Pearlman, C. Max Magee, and several hated mystery guests will plead forgiveness for villainy and negligence.

7. Center for Fiction presents Fake It!
KGB (21+)
85 East 4th Street
Do you like to play the dictionary game? Or perhaps Balderdash? Then join The Center for Fiction, the only nonprofit in the country dedicated entirely to celebrating fiction, as we challenge our authors to come up with the best first line to juicy books, based only on the title and blurbs. Audience participation welcome!

Phase 2: 7 – 7:45 pm

8. InDigest: It’s Almost Like You’re Reading
Swift Hiberian Lounge (21+)
34 East 4th Street
InDigest, an online lit mag and small press, hosts “It’s Almost Like You’re Reading.” What is it? What’s it not? Well…it’s not a concert, or a dance party, or an arm wrestling contest. There won’t be a stage. There won’t be an order or a structure or a line-up or a theme or a frame or a moment of silence.  

9. BOMB Poetry Smackdown
Dempsey’s Pub (21+)
61 2nd Avenue
BOMB presents a Poetry Smackdown. Twelve Poets compete in a read-off to win the love of the audience and eternal glory. The first 25 people to the venue will get a free chapbook of the participants’ poetry.

10.  Literature and Libations

Von Bar (21+)
6 Bleecker Street
Three short readings, three long toasts, an uncertain evening. Edie Meidav reads from Lola, California, and offers her dangerous concoction, “the Red and Green.”  Brando Skyhorse warbles from The Madonnas of Echo Park, and tenders the divine bitter of “the Nasty Stepfather.” John Reed proffers Snowball’s Chance, now in paperback and liquid form.  

11. The Kids are NOT Alright
Think Coffee (all ages)
1 Bleecker Street
Join Pegasus Books and Soho Press publisher Bronwen Hruska to celebrate her novel Accelerated, a funny and fresh look at the most treacherous world there is, New York City private schools, and the endemic beneath the gilded surface. Books available at Lit Crawl discount.

12. Molly Ringwald in Conversation with Elissa Schappell
Crime Scene Lounge
310 Bowery
The multi-faceted actress, writer, and musician discusses her new novel in short stories, When It Happens to You, with acclaimed author Elissa Schappell. 

13. From Somewhere to Nowhere: The End of the American Dream?
Slainte (21+)
304 Bowery
Mark Twain said, “I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” The Lower East Side Denizens—renowned poets, fine artists, photographers, performers, and historians of our contemporary culture—return to stir the conscience of the 99 percent with spoken word and heartfelt warnings!

14. Writers Reading Other Writers
Botanica Bar (21+)
47 East Houston
Gigantic and The Believer present a night of literary bridges, featuring original and “cover” readings by Justin Taylor, Catherine Lacey, and Sparrow.

Phase 3: 8:15 – 9 pm

15. PEN Poets: An Evening with PEN American Center
17 Stanton Street
Join us for a night of poetry and wine in the pretty garden at Bantam, where poets and PEN Members Monica Youn and Meghan O’Rourke will read from their new work and engage the audience in conversation.

16. An Emily Dickinson Sense-Surround
195 Chrystie Street
Meet the Poet as Gardener, Baker, and Musician on her Homestead Farm. What did Emily Dickinson see, smell, taste, touch, and hear in the act of creation? Experience the poet’s world by listening to music she played and poems she wrote—with aroma, touch, tastes from kitchen and garden.

17. An Evening with Irvine Welsh
R Bar (21+)
218 Bowery
Join Irvine Welsh as he reads from Skagboys, the fast-paced, darkly comic prequel to Trainspotting that traces the youths of beloved cult characters like Mark “Rent Boy” Renton, Simon “Sick Boy” Williamson, and Danny “Spud” Murphy. He’ll be chatting with the audience and answering questions about his new book, his various filmic adaptations, and anything else that comes to mind.

18. Mini-Lit Carnival
Vig Bar (21+)
12 Spring Street
The editors of theNewerYork introduce the second issue of their experimental lit magazine. They’ll turn it into MadLibs, free-associate with it, rip it up, paint it, turn it into an art piece, and generally exploit the power of language. In short, they’ll sublimate its absurdity into a playground of words.

19.  Liars’ League NYC presents: Lies We’ve Told
One Mile House Bar
10 Delancey Street
Liars’ League NYC is a live literary journal featuring professional actors reading original short stories by up-and-coming and well-established writers. For Lit Crawl NYC, we present three favorite stories from past shows: Anthony Tognazzini’s “Dear Kesha,” Jessica Lott’s “Just Off Canal,” and J.T. Townley’s “Emperor of One.” Liars’ League NYC is hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones.

20. Tweet Talk
Berkli Parc Cafe (all ages)
63 Delancey Street
Ever wondered how you’d describe the plot of The Great Gatsby in 140 characters or less? Probably not, but here’s your chance to find out! Elinor Lipman, Tao Lin, Darin Strauss, and Giancarlo DiTrapano will

take topic suggestions from the audience and put their Twitter skills
to the ultimate test.

21. Down and Dirty Round the World
Lolita Bar (21+)
266 Broome Street
Down and Dirty Round the World returns to Lit Crawl NYC with translators Allison Markin Powell and Alex Zucker, and acclaimed Mexican author Carmen Boullosa, presenting their favorite hard-boiled, pulpy, and erotic pieces of literature in translation. It will be an evening of voyeuristic authors, Czech brothels, and cult-fighting samurai.  

22. The Savage Detectives
Fontana’s (21+)
105 Eldridge Street
Farrar, Straus and Giroux presents a night of rock and readings, featuring music by The Savage Detectives (FSG’s house band), and readings by John Wray (Lowboy), Sam Lipsyte (The Ask and the forthcoming The Fun Parts), and Michelle Orange (This Is Running for Your Life). Closing set by Brooklyn punk band Vulture Shit.

23. The Exquisite Hotel
Happy Ending (21+)
302 Broome Street
The Exquisite Hotel opens its doors for a night of classic burlesque and modern storytelling. No reservation needed—just check in, have a cocktail, and enjoy your stay.

24. After Party (9 PM on)
Happy Ending (21+)
302 Broome Street
FREE, open to all Crawlers